09 October, 2009

I am an Alien

Have you ever felt like the odd man out in a social situation? Sort of the one who’s not like the others? Alienated, maybe even ostracized…because of your faith?
As He sanctifies me, I become less a part of or attached to the things of this world. And this renders an ever-evaporating reservoir of common subjects with which to converse. All I really want to talk about is Jesus. (Thanks be to God for this miraculous work in me.)

The god if this world is Satan (Mat.4:8-9, 2Cor 4:4, Eph 2:2). And as such, it is hostile to the gospel. Most people I run into do not want to talk about Jesus and find the mere mention of Him offensive. (Funny, I find most things they say offensive, too.) So, living as an alien takes some getting used to. Not surprisingly, God provides for this also.

I am reminded of Mary when she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. She was with child, before being married, and Joseph wasn’t the dad! She was tainted goods, an adulterer, which was punishable by stoning to death! And after professing her pregnancy to be of the Holy Spirit, I’m quite confident she was also considered a liar, a blasphemer and probably a lunatic. Talk about feeling alienated!

But I realized, as I read through the story again this past Christmas, that God sent comfort and companionship to Mary during her time of alienation. She had Joseph, who had the Truth revealed to him by God’s angel. And she had her cousin, Elizabeth, who received the Truth from the Holy Spirit that Mary was the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-56). And she spent three months with her at her house.

So, God gives us the body of believers for comfort, companionship and so much more.
“Who is my mother and who are my brothers?” And stretching out His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Behold My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother.” Mat. 12:48-50.

In Romans chapter 15:28-33, Paul speaks about being able to come back from persecution in Judea and ‘find refreshing rest in their company’ (the company of fellow Christians).

How I cherish my fellow sojourners! You are an oasis, a sweet retreat for this road-weary traveler. My soul rejoices when I find someone who speaks my language…the Gospel Truth.


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  2. I will try an correct my spelling! I like the example of Mary. She was considered an outcast in that time and place. No one would have associated with her. She would have been shunned in her community. God brought people in her life to help see her through that difficult time.